57 - Game night is on
Alright game night is tonight! I’m excited about it. It’s going to be a busy day for me, but it should be fun. Basically a few people are coming over and we are just going to play various board/card games. Really I’m just looking forward to having some nice social interaction. I’ve been pretty lonely without my wife around. I talk with my roommates every day but it’s not the same thing, so maybe having a small nerd party will help out. Luckily my raid time on saturday got moved up, normally we do it later in the night, but it got changed so we finished at 6pm my time and the games don’t start till 8. So I need to go visit my wife so I can at least get a proof of address and my SS card so I can start donating plasma, and then clean up the house a bit. I’d like my wife to come to it, but I doubt that would happen. Little sad that I can’t do any programming today, but no big deal, as long as I make sure I keep up with it on other days. I think the progress on that has been pretty good. It should only be a few more days at this rate till I have the most basic playable demo. Then I can start promoting it because I have something playable. I’m hoping that will really help drive interest in my game because I can show I can do something. I seem to be having such bad luck finding a job. It started out so nice with getting to talk with some tech recruiters and having that interview, but then everything just sort of fell apart. Nothing to do but keep working on my video game and applying to jobs. The ideal case is I start making enough money online that I don’t have to get a job, but that’s a longshot at best. While I want to be optimistic about it, I have to be real too. Well sense we are a little short on how much I like to write, let’s tell some funny stories about taking drive through orders at KFC. I’ve mentioned it before, but during college I worked for about 2 years at KFC just so I could have some extra money. Good thing too cause that’s where I met my wife. I started working there mainly on the drive through register but I quickly got promoted to a shift supervisor and had to do basically anything depending on the shift. So here's two cases where I kinda fucked up on drive though, but it worked out in the end. On time I answered it and said “Yo what’s up! … I mean … Hello, what can I get for you … Sorry.” The person got a real kick out of it and laughed a bit and said it was fine. Another time someone with a strong asian accent asked for a “Numba Fiav”, my brain was on auto-pilot and I’m like “Okay so you want the ‘Numba Fiav?’” I realised what I said and my co-workers started to laugh. The guy just said yes and I quickly told him to pull up to the window. That’s it for today, I hope you guys have a good weekend. I’ll let you guys know how game night went tomorrow!
1/28/2017 1:49:05 PM

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