55 - Juan Gabba Gabba Bobo
Alright, I’ve been working on my game last few days and I’m feeling good. I’ve done 2-3 hours of work the last three days on it and I’m making decent steady progress. I just need to make sure I keep doing that. What really makes it feel nice is that I can see the progress. Yesterday when I built the weapon targeting I was able to have it work, and that’s great. Well enough about my game, that’s for the stream and the dev blog. So what’s the plan for today. Honestly not much, and not much happened yesterday. Although I will say, my roommate lent me money to get food, and that’s awesome. I ran out of food yesterday and he was willing to buy me some food. Since I’ve moved in I’ve been cooking a lot more sense it’s way cheaper to make things. I also cooked them some food last night, so now I just kinda do everything in the house, fair trade for free rent. Speaking of doing stuff with the house, I guess I need to clean up the living room and kitchen for tomorrow night. We are having a game night so that will be fun. I talked with my wife, and there is the slightest chance she can get her mother-in-law to watch our kid so she can come have a night off, she needs it. That all out of the way, how about a story? This is a story about how I became friends with someone, we will call this person Juan Gabba Gabba Bobo, for reasons. Now when I was in college I worked at KFC. It didn’t pay too well I think I was making 8 dollars after about a year, but it was enough to buy a car that wasn’t too awful, plus I met my wife there. Honestly it was pretty fun working there, depending on who I was working with that day. Some of the people there made it such a chore though. Anyways KFC is where I first met Juan Gabba Gabba Bobo. He would come in quite often and order something and he would give us that name. We had to ask for a name to call out when the order was done. It turns out he gave that name cause he liked hearing people say it when they had to call out his silly name he made up. It took me a while to find out his real name, but every now and then, even now, I’ll call him by that old silly name. He is a good friend to both me and my wife, he’s kinda like that weird uncle who isn’t really family. The college I went to had this intern program where you would spend some time working at different companies, nothing too crazy. Well on my third and final internship I was shocked to see someone. As I’m sure you guessed it was Juan Gabba Gabba Bobo. He seemed just as surprised as me and we said hey to each other. I knew he did something with technology but I never asked where he worked. I ended up getting a job there and he became one of my co-workers. It was a mistake to work there though, for different reasons, but that’s a story for another day. Well I think that’s it for today. If you aren't interested in my dev stuff, I’ll see you guys tomorrow, bye!
1/27/2017 12:43:51 PM

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