51 - I'm bad at bowling
So guys let’s get some things out before we get into the blog proper. I’m switching up how I’m going to do things on a daily basis. Well at least till I find a job, although it would be awesome if my patreon picked up so I could stop looking for a job. Anyways my plan (I’m going to use MST cause I’m too lazy to convert, but EST is +2 hours PST is -1) is to write up a life blog in the “morning” so like between 11am-12pm, streaming for a few hours starting at 1-2pm, and write up a dev blog after I export the stream to youtube. Seems like a good plan. My idea for writing a blog in the morning is that if I remember the previous day good enough than it was probably good enough to write about. Remember you can join my discord channel for announcements. Alright that out of the way, what did I do last night? I went bowling with some friends, and jeez I did horrible. Now I don’t go bowling a lot, and when I do after one warm up game I normally can score a little over 100, decent considering I bowl maybe once or twice a year. Even though I did bad it was really fun, my roommate invited me and my other roommate and two friends from college were there too. And this is another point where I wish I liked beer, cause I was the only sober one by the end. Maybe one day I should just force myself to drink a bunch of beer so I can stand it, it sure would make parties more easy for me. The night started off a bit rocky. We got to the bowling alley at like 7pm and they said no lanes were open till 8pm, fuck that noise. We found the next closest bowling alley and called, they had a few lanes open and it was just a few blocks away, done. We get there, get a few games and pay for everything, and get our bowling shoes. As an aside, bowling places really need to organize their balls better. None of the bowling balls were really organized, nor did they have a color scheme that I could notice. One place I went too each color shows what size and weight one was. Bit of a tangent, sorry. Anyways, we start bowling and first few frames everyone is warming up and starts to do better, but I’m playing kinda bad still. Whatever I’m having fun I ended up scoring like 70 something. Next game was like 65 and final game was 59, brutal. It took till our last game for me to figure out I was throwing the ball too hard and it was just fucking up my aim. So in the last/third game I figured out, hey if I slow down I can do a lot better. Well after I figured that out I went out for a quick smoke, and I guess I stepped in something. From that point on my right heel kept sticking to the floor when I was trying to bowl. So almost every throw on the last game was a strike, gutter ball, or 1 pin, thanks shoe. It was pretty funny watching everyone else get all worked up. One person won the first two games, but fucked up the last one because he was getting drunk. Two other people started getting better, apparently bowling is like beer pong for some people, you need to get drunk enough to get into the groove of it. One moment that I found pretty funny was the guy who won the first two games said something like, you are just mad because I’m the only person here who is a boss, as in a manager. I said, well technically I’m self-employed. He retorted with the fact that being unemployed doesn’t count. Woah now, I make 18 bucks a month, thank you very much. All in all I had a great time. My roommate is hosting a gaming night this Saturday so that should be fun. Also I’m hoping I can visit and hang out with my wife at least for an hour this weekend, I miss her. Anyways I guess it’s time to start getting ready for my stream. Hopefully this time I can find some music that won't get contentID on Youtube. I really need to get enough money that I can start paying for music licensing so I can just avoid this bullshit, also if you have music on soundcloud you wouldn’t mind me using, let me know!
1/25/2017 1:33:33 PM

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