48 - Roommate's date
Well today was more eventful then I thought it would be. My roommate was having some girl come over so he asked me to pick up the house a bit. I said sure so today I spent a good chunk of time cleaning. I won’t go over the details, but I did dishes, shoveled the rest of the driveway, vacuumed, and cleaned up some trash. This house really isn’t too messy so it didn’t take me that long. I wish say however, shoveling ice sucks. The layer under the stone ended up freezing. Also a little after I finished shoveling it started to snow again. Damn it. Anyways, my roommates date showed up a bit after he got home from snowboarding. I introduced myself and chatted for a bit. But it was sort of a date so I didn’t want to just hang out with them. So I went to my room to just hang out. As I was heading back to my room they just started a movie, Emperors new groove. I commented and said that’s a funny stupid movie and kept walking. Well she asked if I wanted to watch, and I kinda did so I joined them for the movie. We ended up watching another movie after that too, Clue. When I saw it had Tim Curry in it, I wanted to watch. Tim Curry is fucking great. I was pretty quiet at first, I am an introvert plus social awkward. However after half way through the first movie I started to make stupid jokes at the movie. By the second movie I was a little drunk so I was talking somewhat openly. After the movies We thought about playing a videogame or something, they have a N64 set up in the living room. I was excited about playing something but they decided against it, oh well. After the movies we just hung out in the living room chatting. Sense I was a little drunk I was just kinda rambling. I told some stories about silly shit and just some random shit. Maybe I'll tell some of the stories here, they are smaller stories so maybe I can write up two or three of them. They were both laughing and said they enjoyed listening to me babble. After like 40 minutes or something my friend tried to motion me to leave the living room while she was getting some water. I didn’t want to intruded so I’m just like, yeah I’m done talking peace out. I made a mistake however. After a few minutes I realized I was fucking hungry. So I got up to go to the kitchen. As I walked by they were kissing or something I didn’t really look. As soon as I got to the kitchen I realized I fucked up. But at this point, fuck it, and I made a bowl of cereal. Sadly it was the last of my cereal. Anyways afterwards I went back to my room and just watched You Tube till she left. When I went out to talk with my roommate I made sure to apologize. Both for rambling for 40 minutes and for walking in on them. I explained to him that food is important. He told me it wasn’t too big of a deal, but I still feel bad. I asked him if I ruined the mood and he said, yeah kinda. Turns out they could hear me making a bowl of cereal and he couldn’t stop laughing because of it. Guess it all worked out. She seems like a pretty cool chick, I hope things went well for the both of them. I have no idea if they are going to date again or what. I kinda hope so, anyone who is willing to just sit around listening to me incoherently speak is cool with me. I’ll just have to make sure to not walk in on them doing anything next time. Also, stream tomorrow, I’m for sure going to do it, unless something crazy happens.
1/23/2017 1:44:38 AM

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