44 - Space Station 13
Late post again today. I need to get back on track with this thing. So why am I posting so late? Well I was play a video game all day, Space Station 13. I’ll talk about it in a bit. So I realized something today, made me feel a little stupid too. I could selldonate plasma! It’s not a lot of money, but it’s enough to buy food and e-liquid for my e-cig. It’s only 1.6 miles away and only takes an hour or two, really not that bad at all. Only issue is, I need to have proof of my address. Seems like I can send myself a letter or something, I’ll figure it out. Anyways, what is Space Station 13? Well it’s a 2d space man game that runs on the Byond client. Byond is this weird game engine thing that let’s you make 2d online games. There are many different servers that host Space Station 13, most of them have different code bases so not everything works the same way. Also most have different maps/layouts too. It has a surprising amount of depth, well depending on the server. It’s really fun honestly. So the server I play on is called Bay Station. It’s a RP heavy server, but that can be fun. I don’t take it as seriously as some people, but the game is slower than other servers I’ve tried. Really by RP heavy, I mean you should stay in character the best you can, and don’t use out of game knowledge. So someone who is a miner most likely know how to do surgery. I should mention at this point, it is a mad game for mad people. It’s pretty hard to tell what is going on, the controls don’t really make sense, and shit goes wrong all the time. It’s fucking great. Let’s go over the general game play. Like I said, it’s a 2d space man game. It’s all top down and sprite based. You control one character on a space station and you can interact with tons of stuff in different ways, but most of the time you accidentally hit it because the controls are fucked. General you start the game as a job such as miner, quartermaster, security officer, scientist, doctor, and so on. A round, at least on Bay Station, will last normally around 3 hours, unless shit goes wrong and we have to get of the station fast. Also most rounds, in game they are call shifts, have some sort of antagonist. These antagonist could be raiders, a wizard, a cult, a ninja, and other wacky things. The role of the antagonist is to spice things up by causing general mayhem in some way or another. Why do I like this game then? Well it’s really fun to figure stuff out and interact with shit. The last while I’ve been playing a chemist, I get to sit there and mix chemicals that can do crazy shit and heal people. Also I enjoy playing as a scientist that breeds slimes so I can extract their slime essences to make weird shit happen. It’s also fun to role play to some extent. It’s interesting to see how people will react to things, and most try to play a character that is somewhat realistic. As I’ve said, the game has a crazy amount of depth, and exploring everything you can do is great. It might not be for everyone, but I love it. So I think tomorrow I need to set an alarm or something. Got to make sure I try to stream tomorrow, maybe send myself a letter or something. I guess I should not just play video games all day. At least I’m enjoying life more than a bit ago, right?
1/18/2017 1:51:55 AM

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