43 - Weekend summary
So uhh… Sorry. I kinda forgot to post for a few days, my bad. I kinda forgot one day and then I guess I kept forgetting. Oh well not like much happened. I’ll try not to forget to post again. I’m really bad at keeping a schedule. Took me a few months to remember when I raid even though it's every week, same with when I play pathfinder. So I guess I can go over anything fun that I’ve done the last few days. Oh, also I have some good news. Last week I tried doing a little stream test. Things seemed to work out. I can’t really use XSplit and that’s a little sad. XSplit runs higher on the CPU then OBS. Now you might be wondering why I prefer XSplit over OBS. Well I think it’s because I used XSplit first and when I tried OBS it was kind of a mess. Normally I prefer to support open source software, but I don’t know. I’m willing to pay for something that works better. But now OBS seems better and you know, money. I could go into some more details, but I think it would be boring. So the plan is I’m going to start streaming, hopefully daily. While I’m not working at least. I’m hoping I can figure out when I want to stream and try to keep doing it every day. The question is what do I want to do with the blog? I want to keep writing daily post but how should I handle life posts and dev posts. Maybe some days I’ll do two posts? Write a post almost every day about life stuff, and whenever I have dev stuff to write about do that. I don’t know, I will figure shit out. So what else happened? I went to go visit my wife and kid, also to pick up some thing. I grabbed some extra clothes and my computer chair. I’m so happy I have my computer chair, my back was starting to hurt a bit. Also I miss my wife, so it was great to see her. My kid, however, is an asshole. I asked him to come over and he yelled “Go away Daddy” and ran away. Then later when my wife picked him up, I tried to hug both of them. He hit me in the face with a plastic sword and said “No Daddy.” Rude. I’ve been trying new food! Not many, and I’m still not enjoying it, nor have I liked anything I tried. But it’s something, right? My roommate/friend has been trying to get me to try things. It’s a start. Also my friend and I went to dinner with my friend’s friend. That was a mistake. My friend invited me along and said it was pizza, fucking sold. Turns out it was a vegan only restaurant. Wow, what a disappointment. I tried a bite of the pizza, it was awful, I also tried a bit of their “parmesan cheese,” not even fucking close. I don’t know, I don’t really get the whole vegan thing, I’m not against it, but I would never do it. Well I guess that sums up the last few days. Some other things happened of course, but nothing really noteworthy. Also if you notice I don’t stream in the next few days, yell at me online. Some motivation/encouragement is always nice, or at least a reminder. Hope you guys had a good weekend, cya.
1/17/2017 1:44:12 AM

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