41 - Update and Food
So guys small update then we can talk about something fun, food. So the new parts for my friends computer came in, I’m looking forward to seeing that thing built. It’s for a media server and they ended up ordering what’s called an ultra case. The thing is massive, it’s like 2 by 2 feet, what? Anyways I’m hoping I can get my computer up and running later today if they are still willing to let me borrow the parts. If not, oh well. They are letting me live here so I really can’t complain, can I? Also today I did some job searching stuff. I was contacted by a tech recruiter I met with the other week. A new opening open up and they require people to take this online programming test. Uhh, I hate programing test, they are so annoying. The reason why they suck is because they don’t really apply to how programming really works. When you are programming you will fiddle with things, look them up, debug. No one knows everything, honestly looking stuff up is like 2/3rd of programming. Anyways, I took a test, I scored 74 out of 100, not bad. Oh but I did 37 percentile, that’s not very good. The guy called me up and was like, hey man I saw you finished the test really quick, if you took your time would you do better? And I explained how I don’t store everything in my head so I’ll misremember things a lot. Basically he was shocked that I did the whole test from my head and told me to retake it but google things. Like don’t straight up look the answers, but if you know something but can’t recall exactly how something works, look it up. Alright fair enough, I retook the test, scored 95 out of 100 and 97 percentile, and still finished faster than average, nice. That’s pretty much it for today's update. Now to talk about food. I don’t like food. Like I wish I could just not eat food. I know that’s strange, but I just don’t enjoy the whole thing. Okay, sure, sometimes I enjoy the taste of some things, but if I could not eat, I would. Also I have a pretty small diet, super picky. I don’t really eat much, and honestly trying new food freaks me out. Also I don’t like the whole like social aspect of food, like I just want to consume what my body needs and go do something fun instead. Now why am I so picky? Well before I go into why I think that’s the case, well other than the fact that I’m just a weird guy. I freak out when people try to get me to eat food. I start to have mild panic attacks, I just get super stressed and I want to get out of the situation. Also I’m just scared that it will taste bad. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. People have just told me I could spit it out, or just not finish eating, but I can’t handle that. Plus the smell of most food just smells horrible to me. I’m sure a part of this is just my stubbornness. Being super picky has become kinda like, one of the things I do. It’s scary to change something you have been doing your whole life. I know it’s not good but I just don’t want to try it. I’m not sure, but I think this all came from an event that happened when I was pretty young. It’s maybe one of my earliest memories. What happened was there was some kind of soup I wouldn’t eat, and there was nothing else made. My mom tried to force feed me, after she got some down my throat I think I ended up throwing up. I don’t blame my mom at all though. I have a kid now, and I know how frustrating it is when they won't eat. No one is perfect. Really I wish I could try new food, or at least have a more normal set of things I eat. For example I only eat cheeseburgers and hot dogs plain, no toppings or condiments. It’s really awkward when I’m over at someone's place for like a family dinner and I just sit there not eating. Then I just have to start making stuff up like I ate too much for lunch or something. But most people will keep pushing me and try to get me to eat something. Trust me, I realise the whole thing is stupid and illogical, but we all have some weird quirk about us. I’ve been meaning to try that soylent stuff. If you don’t know it’s basicly a milkshake that you eat instead of food. Well it’s not really a milkshake, but whatever, plus they have other products. Who knows maybe one day I will break free of this and be able to try new food. Also I realise this is a pretty first world problem, but hey, we don’t pick our phobias, do we? Honestly I should probably talk to a therapist about it, and maybe other things, who knows. But they cost so much, even with insurance, and this country doesn’t really care about mental health. So, do you guys have anything that you are just stupid scared of? I realise that’s a personal question, but I’m curious if anyone else has any weird phobias. You can make a comment anonymously if you want. Anyways, today has been pretty good, I think tomorrow will be so much better if I can get my computer!
1/11/2017 6:46:38 PM

Andrew says: 1/12/2017 9:10:55 AM I lold. I remember in Highschool you used to only eat pizza.

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