40 - I don't get interviews
Let’s just start off with some bad news. I didn’t get the job I interviewed for yesterday. I was surprised how quick the turnaround was on that. I thought the interview went well. I’m a little bummed, but hey, I can’t beat myself up about it. Plus I have a few other things in the pipeline, I hope. The last few weeks I’ve talked with some recruiters so hopefully more interviews will come soon. I replied to the email from the company that told me no and asked if there's any reason why, or was it just a matter of skill/experience. Hopefully I can at least learn something out of all that, and I guess I got a good workout from it. On the much brighter side of things, tomorrow the CPU and motherboard for my friends media server is coming in. Like I mentioned before they are going to let me use the old parts. It will be nice having my own computer back up and running, even if it’s not going to be as good. I’m hoping I can at least start coding again, do some more work on my video game and hopefully stream some of that. Who knows I guess we will see when they get home tomorrow. So I don’t think I’ve ever really gone over this before, so let’s do it now. I’m trying to write these blogs every day at around 5pm MST and post them after I finish, sometime before 6pm MST ideally. So if you want you can check in then to see if there is a new update. If you don’t want to do that you could always follow me on twitter @vifs or I have an announcement channel on my Discord server. Not much is going on today so I figured it was a good time to pimp myself out. Anyways let’s talk interviews. I don’t get how they work. Like I mean I understand what they are and stuff, but I’m always such a poor judge of how good/bad an interview goes. Plus it seems different for every company. I never know, should I be myself, should I act more professional than I normally would. Some things I have figured out, like I should never try to BS through a question, if I don’t know it I should say so. I don’t know. Granted I’m a socially awkward nerd, I’m not the best at reading people and situations. Granted I'm sure someone who is hosting interviews for programming positions is pretty used to that. Maybe I should just act more casual and just be more of myself. I’m pretty introverted so that’s pretty hard for me to do when I’m talking to people I don’t know in a meeting room. Guess it’s just something I need to work on. If only I did more work on my video game and started making some decent money off that, then I could just not do this. Oh well. I guess that’s really it for today. Like I said, not much happened. I still wanted to give an update so I don’t know. Maybe in the future I’ll tell a story and just do a small update before or after the story, if it’s a slowish day. But right now I want to keep things a little segmented. I’m sure I’ll figure out this whole blogging thing one day. I already think my writing has been getting better. I’ve never been good at the whole english/writing thing. Whatever, I’ll figure it out, have a good day.
1/10/2017 5:55:26 PM

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