39 - The interviews begin
Sorry this post is so late, I'll get into why later. Alright so I had my interview today! But before that let's go back a bit. Let's just start this story at the beginning. Hope that isn't too crazy of an idea for you guys. So first of all I had to take public transportation, I've done it a few times, no big deal right? Well due to how the schedules worked I had to go some round about path that took me 2 and half hours. Oh well at least I didn't have to walk much. Plus from what I looked up it would only take a little over an hour to get home. So I got ready for the interview, wore a tie and everything. Also I wasn't sure how cold it would be, so I wore jeans under my slacks. I would've just wore long johns, but I don't have any. It's a good thing I did, while it was a little chilly it was nice for the trip home. So I showed up a few minutes early, no big deal, if anything that's good. They brought me into a meeting room, the hiring manager went over some of their benefits. Then the lead dev for .net came in and asked me some tech questions. I think it went well, I was able to answer almost all the questions, and I think we got along. The lead .net guy was pretty cool. So near the start of the interview the hiring manager said something about New Year's resolution. All of the sudden he had a serious look on his face and said “don't ask me about New Year's resolution, it offends me.” I started to laugh cause I figured it was a joke on people getting offended at everything. After he said some stuff he's just like, no I'm joking, but really it's a stupid concept. Cool guy. So I forgot to mention, but my phone died right as I was walking to the building. After I left I managed to turn it on long enough to write down what bus and stations I needed to take. For some reason it said I would have to wait an hour for the first bus. About 5-10 minutes into waiting it started to rain/snow. Luckily the bus showed up soon. I guess Google was saying hey you shouldn't leave for an hour, I don't know. I then took the bus to the station. Oh also apparently a bus/Trax ticket only pays for one stop on the front runner. The front runner is a bigger train that has less stops but goes further/faster. On the way down I was told that when they asked for my ticket, oops. Anyways at the station I had to wait like 25 minutes for the train. After boarding the train we had to wait like 5 minutes before we started to move because another train was in the way. Well I only took one exit cause I miss read Google maps. Turns out I should've taken two. Not only that but the only bus that would of gotten me close to the house just left on it's last run, fucking great. Like I said, good thing I wore jeans under my dress pants. I had to walk 4.5-5 miles. Not only that, due to not knowing the lay out of the roads near the station I ended up making a big loop. So Utah is mostly a grid system, if you know the address you can find it, so fuck places that don't follow the grid thing. Well I made it home, clearly. Also made it just in time for DnD, well pathfinder, but whatever. Oh also, my e-cig died a few minutes after I started to walk. Now I don't believe in karma out anything, but hopefully after getting shit on after my interview life will throw me a bone and I'll get that job.
1/9/2017 11:35:17 PM

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