38 - How I met my wife
So not much is going on right now. I’m living with my friends and it’s pretty nice here. One of them let me borrow his old laptop so I have some computer access, it’s so nice to have that again. Later this week they are getting a new cpu and motherboard for their media server, and they said I could use the old parts. Maybe I can get my main computer up and running and get back to working on my video game then upgrade my computer once I get some money from a job. I don’t want to leave you guys with a short blog again today, so I figured I could tell a fun/sweet story. How I met my wife and how I proposed. It wasn’t anything romantic like what happens in movies but I guess you could consider it a pretty nice story. Really we just met while working and things went from there. A little back story. In college I wanted some extra money, not a crazy idea, and I ended up getting a part time job at KFC. When I started my wife was already working there. She seemed like a decent enough person but I didn’t really think about her all that much outside of when I was working for her. I’m not really sure exactly when I became interested in her, well I might have a guess as to what put the thought into my head. One day at work, after it closed, we were going to have a small little party. Just hang out with like 5 co-workers and play some games, nothing big. I went out with Jess to her car to grab something, I think it was Apples To Apples, a card game. Then while we were waiting someone said we looked like a couple. With my high level of class I said “I don’t shit where I eat.” I guess that wasn’t quite the best thing to say in the moment. Someone yelled at me for being rude, and I said something about, no I would be eating her and shitting at work. That made Jess pretty embarrassed, and I realized what was going on so just shut up and went to go pee. Now I don’t have a great memory, plus this happened about 5 years ago, but I think that’s what got her into my head to begin with. Well a while later, no idea how long. I ended up inviting her out to a date. We went to the park and flew some kites. Before I asked her out I recalled her saying she wanted to do that, so it seemed like a good idea. We had a really fun time, we just flew some kites for a bit then walked around the park talking. At one point we ended up on the grass rolling around. It was pretty fun all and all. One thing I didn’t do was kiss her. She talked about how the last person she went out with just liked making out all the time, and that’s really all they did together. So I thought I would be nice and not kiss her. When I told her later on why I didn’t kiss her she thought it was pretty sweet of me. We dated a few more times and pretty quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend, I guess we hit things off nicely. After dating for maybe 3 months or so I had to move out of my college dorms because I was taking some time off college. I asked if she wanted to move in with me, one because money is nice, two because her family was… her family, I’m sure you know what I mean. She ended up moving in with me and was pretty sneaky about it. She stayed in her room and packed up and when I showed up she just said to her parents “Bye I’m going to go live with Shawn.” Her mom did not like that very much, she came outside and flipped me off then went inside and slammed the door. Pretty awkward. Later on I graduated college and got my first job programming. For Christmas they gave everyone a small bonus, I used that to buy my wife her engagement ring. Then on the company Christmas party that happened downtown I figured it would be a good time to propose. At first I was going to do it on a cart right around the city, but then I changed my mind. The cart would of had another couple on it and I wanted to be alone with her. Well after the party we walked around a bit downtown and ended up in this place where the city puts up a bunch of lights and a big Christmas tree. We ended up some place that had very few people around but we could still see the lights, that’s where I ended up proposing. Maybe a year or so later she ended up getting pregnant and we figured, maybe we should finally get married. So we did. All we did was just go to the court building and get married with just one good friend as the witness. I was happy about it, but I think Jess wanted someone a bit more fancy. Maybe one day we will have another wedding that’s a little more what she wants. Either way we have been married for a little over 3 years now, and I think we are pretty happy together. Well I think that sums up the high points nicely. Remember, if you want to stay in a lasting relationship, just be yourself. We rarely have problems with each other cause we never hid who we were. That and we are both nerds who just kinda sit on computers/phones. Oh another fun thing, once she changes her last name, yes she is just as lazy as me, her initials will be PBJS - Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. That just makes me happy on the inside, also she isn’t going to have two last names, she has two first/given names.
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