37 - Friends house
Sorry I'm writing this late, I had to move out of my house. So the friends I stayed with the other night are letting me live with them for a month or two. Awesome guys! I went back home, to my mother-in-law’s house, today and shit was crazy. Apparently because I left the night I was given the notice I waved my 5 day thing. There is no way that can be true, but whatever I was happy to get out of there. Like I said I'm staying with some friends. Luckily only I got kicked out, it would be hard to find some place with a kid. Problem is, I'm worried about my child, but I'm sure things will be fine for a few weeks. Once I get my first pay check I'll have my wife bring my kid to daycare everyday. The shitty part is I have to sleep on a sleeping bag, but honestly, worth it. My friend has a laptop he is willing to let me use. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun here. The only thing is I have to clean, not really a big deal since I had to do that anyways. Short blog for today, I'm having fun hanging out with my friends. Something I really needed
1/7/2017 9:29:26 PM

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