36 - Eviction
Well I got a 5 day eviction notice last night. BAM! That's how you start a blog. I really don't know what happened. So my mother-in-law walked into my room, handed me a paper, say this is for you, walked back to her room, and shut the door. Doesn't really say anything to me, the eviction notice doesn't give a reason. She's fucking insane. So she gave it to me a bit before my wife got home so I just kinda waited for her to get home. Once my wife got home I told her and showed her the paper and she was stumped as to what happened. My wife went to talk to my mother-in-law and asks if everyone is getting kicked out, or just me. Like an insane person she just says, only his name is on the paper. I ended up contacting a friend that night to crash at their place. I got pretty pissed and I didn't want to break anything. I'm going to just say, jeez this friend is awesome. He comes and picks me up, we get back to his place and he offers me some booze. Good friend. I did a bit of research and I'm pretty sure my mother-in-law can't kick me out like that. She needs a court order, and has to give me a reason and time to fix it. I don't know if I'm going to press the issue. If I can find a place to bum at for a month or two till I get a job that's all I need. Honestly I think she is just trying to break up me and my wife. She's hated me for like half a decade. She flipped me off when I showed up to pick up my wife to move in with me. After I proposed she didn't talk to my wife for 2-3 years till we had our kid. She's straight up fucking crazy. Well I guess we will see what the future will hold. I'm a little annoyed I followed all her crazy rules just to get kicked out anyways. Oh well, not much I can do about it now, just find somewhere to live and continue looking for a job. Happy Friday!
1/6/2017 7:09:08 PM

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