34 - Job prospects are looking up
Alright things are starting to look up. I went downtown today for what was supposed to be lunch. Turns out the guy forgot it was supposed to be lunch and we just met for an hour. My wife sure walks a lot faster when we don't have a kid with us. I had a hard time keeping up on the way to the train. So I met with a recruiter at some recruiting company. So it wasn't really an interview. We talked about my skills and he told me about some company that seems pretty cool. They won't be interviewing for another week or two though. I won't go into details of everything we talked about. On the way back to the train station I stopped to get some food. Ended up getting some munchkins, I forgot how fucking good they are. After eating half of them I popped into the train. I didn't realise this till after I got off, buy my ticket ran out of time, oops. Also at one stop like 50 teenagers got on the train, but they got off 2 stops later. Well after I got home not much happened for a bit. Then I got a phone call from one of the companies I applied to last week. It was about an hour long call, and mostly just them asking me what tech skills I have. What is the point of resumes if everyone just asks you what you can do anyways. Well whatever, they seemed like an awesome place to work. Not long after the phone call she emailed me to an interview tomorrow. Wow that is a crazy fast turn around. Sadly I asked my mother-in-law to watch my kid and she can't, so maybe for Friday. I'm not sure how things will work once I get a job and she can't watch my kid. After my first pay check I can sent my kid to daycare, but till then, who knows. I hope the interview goes well, but I'm not looking forward to the commute. I'd have to leave at like 7-7:30 to get there at 9. My wife works somewhat close but I'm more out of the way. I'll have to move down there once I get some money. Oh also they are a consulting company, that means I do work for other companies, but I keep working for the same place. Well either way, now that it's past New Year's I'm starting to get somewhere. I just hope I get enough money to get my computer up and running pretty fast. Who knows I'm sure I'll be fine. Not use stressing over things I can't change. Hope if any of you are looking for a job you are having good luck too. I have an idea for a new thing to do on this blog if nothing interesting happens, we will see what happens!
1/4/2017 7:15:19 PM

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