33 - Adventure with my son
If you don't know, I have a son who is two years old. His name is Rex with the initials RTS, don't know how I managed to convince my wife. He can be a big pain, but we have fun sometimes. Today we went on a little adventure, here's a picture of us on the way home. So how did this happen. Well my wife takes public transportation to work, the train to be more specific. I asked if she wanted me and Rex to come along. I had to go to the bank and the store. She thought it was a good idea, so off we went. So we had to walk to the train station. It takes almost half and hour and is a little over a mile. Rex managed to make it about halfway before he made us carry him. Also I made a mistake, I didn't realise how cold it was. So I ended up stealing my wife's hat cause she had a hood and I didn't. Once we got there, my kid got pretty excited. He loves trains, watching them, riding them, yelling CHOO-CHOO. Oh I should mention it's an electric train, so unfortunately for my son, it doesn't go choo-choo. After a few minutes the train showed up and we boarded. He got so happy just to be on the train. He wanted to run around but we managed to keep him mostly in line. After one stop we had to say bye to my wife, but luckily the bus we needed was right there. He had never ridden the bus so his concerns about my wife went away. Once the bus started to move he got pretty confused, I think. He is two, no idea what is going on in his head. The buses here have seat belts, so I just sat there buckled in while he stood between my legs while he just looked around. After a few minutes we got to the stop and jumped off. After hitting up the bank and going to the store to get what I needed we started to stand near the bus stop. Well I need to pee and I noticed a Burger King basically next to the stop. I also figured, hey maybe he is hungry. So I got a large combo to share with him. While I agree he played in the little play area they had set up and occasionally ran over to me to get some food. The bus and train ride back was pretty uneventful. But the walk back home was a little more fun. After walking on his own for a bit he started to get a bit tired. I reminded him he could say hi to Penny, our dog, when we got home. He got pretty excited and started to run, well kinda, down the sidewalk. Luckily he's two so I could keep up, by walking my normal pace. Crazily enough, running for a few minutes tired him out, so he wanted me to carry him. At this point my arms were pretty tired cause I had to carry him while walking around. I picked him up and put him up on my shoulders. Although we were only out for a few hours he was pretty tuckered out and just slumped down on my head. Every so often I needed to shift him on my shoulders, just to make things a bit more comfortable for myself. Every time I did this, he would freak out and grab my face, more often than not, my eyes. Now when you are walking down a snowy sidewalk, carrying your child, you don't want tiny hands shoved into your eyes. Granted I think most wouldn't want that at any point, but whatever. Finally we made it home. Both of us were pretty tired at this point. Not sure why he was so tired when I had to carry him for the last 10 minutes. While not much happened, I had fun, and I'm pretty sure Rex did to. As I'm writing this he's napping next to me, not long after we got home he passed out.
1/3/2017 6:44:26 PM

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