32 - Why Netherlands?
Yesterday I hinted at why I wanted to move to the Netherlands. Figured it couldn't hurt to go over some details. Well I guess I could sum most of it as based on politics and ideologies. So if you don't know, I currently live in America, for my whole life. I've lived in Connecticut, Maine, and Utah. So I've seen some of the US, and while I don't like Utah there are issues I have with America as a whole. Now don't get me wrong, I would much rather live in America then any 3rd world country. But I've always held the idea that you shouldn't settle for less. Just because I could live a good life here, doesn't mean I shouldn't go for more. One good reason I want to go to Netherlands, well really anywhere in the EU is I could move. If I end up not liking it there, I could move to any EU country, or at least most of them once I become a citizen. So what about politics? Well two big things stick out to me. Healthcare and schooling. I want my government to take care of me if I'm going to pay taxes. Plus I'd like people who couldn't afford healthcare or schooling on their own to be denied it. While I don't think everyone needs to go into higher education, I think everyone has a right to. Also what if something happens to me, I don't want my kid(s) to be left high and dry. There's some other things when it comes to politics, but nothing major. Also I can't deny that being able to smoke pot is a bonus. Although I hate when I bring up that I want to move to Netherlands people ask if I just want to smoke pot. Why would I move to another country when I could move just one or two states away. Another nice point is religion. America is such a Christian nation and I don't like it. It feels like a lot of our laws and ideas still stem from religion. Where Netherlands is one of the most atheistic countries in the world. They don't have the same kind of social issues because of it. LGBT stuff is fine over there, and from what I've read women don't have nearly as many problems. Now I'm not a feminist, or really anything, but that kind of social stuff I see as a good thing. I don't want to get into the whole feminists thing right now, but my point is, everyone should have the same opportunities. I guess really what I should say is that Netherlands seems to line up with my ideas better. Also I've read about Dutch people/culture and it looks like I would fit in. Now I brought this up yesterday, but there are some really nice treaties. There are two big ones I want to bring up. First is the DAFT, dutch american friendship treaty. This treaty let's you bypass a lot of steps when it comes to move to Netherlands as an entrepreneur. Another treaty let's you skip out on paying income tax to America if you make under 100k or something like that. And that just another reason I don't like America. You have to pay income tax even if you live and work overseas, as long as you are a citizen. From what I've read, they are one of the only 1st world countries to do so. America seems so greedy to me. Another big issue I have with America is it's too diverse. There's so many people in America with so many different ideas about what America should be. Because of this so many compromises have to be made. Different ideas can be good and you shouldn't turn someone away just cause they have different opinions, but it can hurt things when it gets too diverse. One final point I want to make is, it seems fun. Why not try it? I could always move back, or wait 5 years and move to another country in the EU. I've moved to different areas every 9 years, why break the trend now, even more so when I'm not happy where I'm living. Is there anywhere you guys want to move? If so why, have you really thought about it, and done research? I'm curious, how many people are really happy where they live, do most people just settle with what they have? No idea.
1/2/2017 7:04:24 PM

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